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Comprehensive Digital Assistant for Car Trade in India

Project Description

RightCar, the signature product of Briosys, is a web and mobile enabled platform that brings buyers and sellers of used cars together at a single point to strike the deals. It aims to bring standardization to the unorganized used-car market in India. It allows car owners to estimate the value of their cars using the patentable technology developed in-house. This essentially allows used car owners identify potential buyers at the right place and at the right time.

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My Role

  • Member of the Founding Engineering Team and Project Engineer at Briosys leading the technical team of 6 through the life cycle of the product
  • UX experience study and UI design of certain sections of the web product
  • Design and development of self-learning data-mining engine which analyses real-time trends (Patent Pending)
  • Data analysis and graphical data visualization of used car sales data in India